Vibration Mount

Elastic Support for the Exhaust Pipe system

From the maker of the elastic support

VIBRAMARE offers a large range of vibration isolation components for exhaust pipe systems, marine engines, wind turbines, boilers, pumps, thrusters and other equipment.

Vibration isolators are available with loads ranging from 1 kg to 25,000 kg.

Dr. Broneske is the patented inventor (German patent) of elastic support for the exhaust pipe system.

VIBRAMARE vibration dampers belong to the family of rubber springs and are an element of the elastic support technology. They reduce or eliminate structure-borne noise and vibrations.

Machine parts are protected from excessive dynamic loads, and with the help of vibration dampers, noise exposure for people can be reduced to a tolerable level.

VIBRAMARE products reflect the latest technological advances in design and manufacturing.