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Elastic Support for the Exhaust Pipe Sytem

Customer Needs are the Focus

VIBRAMARE is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and has been founded by Dr. Dirk Broneske.

“Already as a pupil I created software programs for vibration analysis,” says Dr. Dirk BRONESKE, managing partner and owner of Vibramare.


Dr. Broneske has almost forty years of experience in various industries, twenty in the maritime industry.

He combines his experience for the successful management of Vibramare:

“Serving customers and supporting them gives us great pleasure. Producing high quality products and further developing products or business models is another step for success. Research projects round off the offer.”


Vibramare calculates and produces the elastic support for exhaust pipe systems of ships. In addition to vibration mounts, this also includes penetrations for the exhaust pipe through the deck and bulkhead, exhaust compensators and rain caps.


Dr BRONESKE says: “The combination of calculating the exhaust pipe system and supporting customers and high-quality products is the key to success. The products must fulfil their function for up to forty years.”

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